In the ever-evolving world of technology, Cloud Security remains the top priority for cybersecurity leaders in 2023.

This August, we are bringing the forefront of this industry to Sydney, at the Cloud Security Summit 2023. An unmatched opportunity for Australian cybersecurity professionals, infrastructure managers, and cloud security practitioners to delve into crucial topics of our time, such as cloud risk management, container security, ransomware defence and response, cloud data security, and securing multi-cloud environments.

A gathering of over 100 prominent industry figures, this summit presents the chance to learn from thought leaders, exchange ideas, and build valuable networks. The knowledge and insights garnered from these sessions will equip you with the strategic arsenal necessary to fortify your organisation's digital landscape.

Let's shape a safer cyber future together – join us at the Cloud Security Summit 2023 in Sydney. Your involvement will not only boost your professional growth but also contribute to the resilience of our national digital infrastructure.

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Daniel Grzelak


Santanu Lodh


Leron Zinatullin


Dr Kevin Tham


Cole Cornford

Founder & CEO

Vikas Yandamuri

Cloud and Data Security Director

Didar Chy

CCO, Senior Risk and Control Manager

Dr David Soldani


Anupama Singhal

Senior Cloud Security Manager

Dr Dilshan Jayarathna

Senior Manager - Cyber Security Architecture & Cloud Security

Daniela Fernandez

Head of Information Security - Australia

Vishal Ghariwala

Senior Director & CTO
Asia Pacific

Meg Peddada

Senior Security Consultant

Jason Duerden

Regional Director ANZ

Wayne Phillips

Senior Manager, Solution Engineering ANZ





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Jonathan Fogarty, MC


Opening Keynote:
Securing the Cloud - Ensuring Data Security and Compliance

Navigating the intricacies of cloud data security, compliance, and shadow data management is paramount in today's data-driven world. Mastering these aspects can empower organisations to safeguard their data, maintain regulatory compliance, and control their shadow data effectively.

This presentation will cover the following:
 - Unveiling key strategies for robust cloud data security
 - Discussing the intersection of cloud data management and compliance
 - Exploring the challenge of shadow data management and its impacts.

Vikas Yandamuri, Cloud and Data
Security Director, Deloitte


Securing Multi-Cloud Environments

As multi-cloud strategies become a mainstay in modern organisations, the critical task of understanding and navigating their unique security risks comes to the fore. 

This panel will cover:
 - Benefits and Challenges of Multi-Cloud Environments 
 - Exploration of the Potential Overlooked Risks in Multi-Cloud Environments 
 - Sharing Examples of Effective Multi-Cloud Security Strategies.

Anupama Singhal, Senior Cloud Security Manager, CFS

Didar Chy, CCO, Senior Risk and Control Manager, CBA


Daniela Fernandez, Head of Information Security, Pay Pal

Wayne Phillips, Senior Manager, Solution Engineering ANZ, SentinelOne


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Cloud Native Security and Observability for Open Virtual Networks

In the era of virtualised infrastructure, securing and observing cloud-native environments, specifically within open virtual networks, is both a necessity and a challenge. Grasping these concepts not only secures your data and network operations but also ensures compliance and mitigates risks associated with shadow IT.

This presentation will illuminate:

- Effective strategies for robust cloud-native security within open virtual networks
- The necessity of observability in maintaining seamless cloud operations and how it intertwines with security measures
- The potential impacts of shadow IT in open virtual networks and strategies for its effective management and mitigation.

Dr David Soldani, CISO, Rakuten


CISO Panel:
Ransomware in the Cloud: Navigating the Storm

In a world where cloud technology propels organisations to new heights, the sinister shadow of ransomware threatens to bring them crashing down. 

This panel will cover:
 - The essential elements of ransomware defence in cloud environments
 - Incident response planning in the context of ransomware attacks
 - Future Predictions of ransomware threats in the Cloud.

Santanu Loh, CISO, OFX

Leron Zinatullin, CISO, Linkly 

Dr Kevin Tham, CISO, etika

Jason Duerden, Regional Director ANZ, SentinelOne


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Reducing Risks in the Cloud - Overcoming Misconfigurations and Human Error

Managing risks in cloud environments, especially those stemming from cloud misconfigurations and human error, is critical in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

This panel will cover:
 - Unpacking the threat of cloud misconfigurations and ways to mitigate them
 - Identifying common human errors in cloud usage and suggesting preventive measures
 - Presenting case studies that demonstrate effective risk reduction in the cloud.

Daniel Grzelak, CISO, Linktree

Dr Dilshan Jayarathna,
Senior Manager - Cyber Security Architecture & Cloud Security, TAL


Meg Peddada, Senior Security Consultant, AWS


Closing Keynote:
Securing Containerised Workloads - The Kubernetes Approach

Containers have radically transformed how organisations manage and deploy applications. Kubernetes has emerged as a leading platform for orchestrating these containers. However, as its usage soars, so do associated security risks.

This presentation will cover the following:
 - Delving into Kubernetes security basics and prevalent threats
 - Sharing strategies for fortifying Kubernetes clusters
 - Highlighting case studies of successful Kubernetes security practices.

Cole Cornford, Founder & CEO, Galah Cyber


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